Are Exclusive Territories Always Best for Window Dealers?

Are Exclusive Territories Always Best for Window Dealers?

If you’re a home improvement contractor that has met with manufacturing company representatives, there’s a high likelihood that you’ve heard the term “exclusivity” thrown around quite a lot. For example, when you’re looking to become a window dealer and you’re combing through your manufacturer options, one may mention the possibility of giving you exclusivity in a territory. But before you jump right in and partner with said manufacturer, it’s important to ask: are exclusive territories always best for window dealers?

Why Can Exclusive Territories Be Good for Window Dealers?

Being granted exclusivity as a window dealer can certainly have its advantages. Consider the basics behind the principle: you’re the only one in your service area that has windows from your manufacturer. That means whenever homeowners want that particular brand for a replacement at their home, they have to come to you for the installation, which can drive your business up. Plus, being the exclusive dealer of a first-class manufacturer can help your marketability to your customers, which will also help business increase. And on the home front, working with only one manufacturer can make day-to-day operations easier.

Why Can Exclusive Territories Be Bad for Window Dealers?

Exclusivity on its own doesn’t guarantee success for your business. If your manufacturer’s windows—for one reason or another—aren’t selling, you’re going to be in a tough spot. And in some cases, being an exclusive dealer can limit the diversity of your inventory. If your one and only manufacturer doesn’t offer a wide variety of styles, frame types, or customization options, you run the risk of failing to meet your customers’ needs.

What Determines Whether Exclusivity Is Good for Your Company?

The question essentially boils down to the territory itself. If you’re given a wide territory that affords you plenty of potential to grow your customer base, it’s more than likely going to yield great results for your business. But if your territory has limited opportunities for growth, exclusivity may not be worth it to you. And of course, the quality of the manufacturer plays a significant role as well.

Becoming an Exclusive Dealer in Conservation Windows’ Network

Conservation Windows has been one of the industry’s most highly respected manufacturers since 1997. Although we have an extensive network of dealers, we don’t offer exclusivity to everyone. But, if you’re a dealer that sells a high volume of windows or plans to sell only our windows and no others, we would love to discuss the possibility of providing you with an exclusive territory. Contact us today to learn more about exclusive territories and to find out the availability of the territory you’re interested in.

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